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Welcome, FBI Citizens Academy Graduates!

You are a member of a select group of citizen leaders who have the privilege of calling themselves FBI Citizens Academy Alumni. We hope that you will choose to stay connected to the FBI and to the other members of this exclusive club.


Annual dues are $50.00

Membership dues are renewable on January 1st of each year.


Inactive Member (all alumni)

  • Official communications

  • Invitations to participate in select activities

  • Alumni newsletter

Active Member (paid alumni)

  • All of the above, PLUS:

  • Invitations to exclusive briefings

  • Range Day

  • Field Trip to Quantico & FBIHQ

  • The opportunity to reconnect with your classmates and FBI Employees


FBISACAAA Member Application Process:

  1. Please fill out the FBIPHLCAAA Membership Application and Policy Affirmation Document.

  2. Email the completed FBIPHLCAAA membership application to 

  3. We prefer you to join/renew your membership using our online process with your credit card. To access this,  click here.   

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